Thursday, September 27, 2012

Box Day {Take Two}.......Letting in the Sonlight

So, sometimes trying something new doesn't quite work out the way we think it will :-) After giving our Heart of Dakota program a fair shot, we decided to switch back to Sonlight! This was a tough decision to make, mid-year- but we're happy we did! The "issues" I struggled with last year using Core B (the Instructor Guide) has been redesigned and is so much more user friendly- way to go Sonlight!! Colton is so advanced that he just wasn't challenged with HOD the way he is with Sonlight. That's enough of a reason to switch back for me ;-) So, we're moving on to Core C and can't wait to get started!! Pictures to follow........


  1. Happy Box Day! [smile] And may Core C--and the new IG layout--be exactly what you and Colton need this year.


    1. Thanks Luke! :-) We had our first day today (neither of us could wait until Monday) and it was a success! It's going to be a great year!